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5 Questions Your Luxury Realtor Should Be Able To Answer

At this point in your life, you’ve likely already bought and sold a home, and it may be time for you to purchase your first investment property or luxury retirement home. The southwest Florida real estate market is an excellent place target, as there are plenty of gorgeous homes that are both worth the investment and a wonderful place to retire.

However, for those of you who are diving in the luxury market and preparing to purchase your first retirement home or investment property, it can be a daunting task, harkening the same nervous jitters you experienced when you bought your first home. When you hire a real estate agent, they should be able to make you feel confident about your purchase, and part of that is handling your reservations with ease and answering questions. A good luxury realtor should be able to answer the following questions — and if you find they can’t, it may be time to find a more experienced realtor.

  1. What Inventory Is Available?

An experienced realtor will know the market and the area like the back of their hand and know exactly where to obtain up to date information regarding what is available and where. They should also have an idea of what the listing prices would be. The more knowledgeable your realtor is in the availability, buying, and selling of available luxury properties, the better resource he or she will be to you as a buyer.

  1. Do You Have a Strong Network?

Additionally, established realtors have a strong network of connections, and they may have first-hand knowledge about when a property is about to go on the market — before it hits. This could mean the difference between landing your dream property or watching “sold” top the sign for someone else.

  1. Who is My Point of Contact? / How Do I Contact You?

If you’re hiring a successful real estate agent, they likely take the point on communicating with you and handling the important details personally rather than delegating to a team of people. If your realtor says that he or she will be your main point of contact, but then you never end up being able to connect with them, it may be time to find a new realtor. Your realtor should be there to help guide you through the luxury buying process and be somewhat of a real estate concierge.

  1. How Successful Are You?

The luxury real estate market is a specific niche and it requires a certain finesse in navigating it. You are better off with an established luxury agent who is successful in both selling and buying luxury homes. Your realtor should be able to tell you how many homes they have sold or be able to provide references from individuals who were buying a luxury property that can attest to their skill as a realtor.

  1. Are You a Full Time Agent?

When you’re making a large investment, you want to trust that with an experienced professional who dedicates their time and commits fully to their job as a luxury real estate agent. You don’t want your investment to be an afterthought, a bother, or something that an agent does on the weekends — you just won’t have the same commitment, network, and quality of service than from one who is an agent first when it comes to their career. Also, look to see if your realtor is a member of a local real estate association. There are a number memberships and associations that have stringent education and training requirements, which often part time agents won’t waste their time doing.

Have Confidence in Your Luxury Realtor

Overall, you should feel comfortable and have confidence in your luxury realtor. Your realtor should be able to answer the aforementioned questions with ease. If you need help buying an investment property or your retirement home, contact us today. We’re always there for our clients!